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Preserved Properties

Since its original establishment in 1991 as the South Jersey Land Trust, and after its merger with the Federation of Gloucester County Watersheds to form the South Jersey Land & Water Trust, this organization has directly preserved or assisted in the preservation of over 2,100 acres throughout South Jersey.

Carney’s Point Property: This property was anonymously donated to SJLWT in December of 2015, and features 76 acres of wooded areas, bordered by horse pastures and agricultural fields.

Vineland High School Property: This 48-acre property was donated anonymously in December, 2015 to be permanent preserved with no hunting allowed. In April 2017, Natural Lands Trust donated the land to Vineland High School, for agricultural education and cross county trails. Natural Lands Trust facilitated the donation process, and SJLWT holds the easement.

Tall Pines State Preserve: This 112-acre property that was formerly a golf course, was preserved in November, 2015 after nearly 8 years. The preservation was spearheaded by a grassroots citizens group called The Friends of Maple Ridge. Read more about this park here.

The Anthony Property: All 106 acres of this property were preserved in Upper Pittsgrove in June of 2015, and 15 acres of the property were preserved specifically to expand the Elmer Little League Fields.

Lincoln Mill Estates: This 62.7-acre property is located in Pilesgrove Township, Salem County. The property is tillable farmland as well as threatened and endangered species habitat including critical bog turtle habitat.  It sits near Oldmans Creek and is a Category One waterway, NJDEP’s highest rank for waterways, based on the property’s groundwater recharge rate of 12 inches per year. The property had approval for 38 homes before SJLWT assisted in efforts to preserve it in April, 2015.

Woolwich Township Farm: The former 83-acre farm owned by DeLuca Lot Investors had an approval to build 31 houses on the property.  SJLWT, along with New Jersey’s Farmland Preservation Program, Gloucester County and Woolwich Township, helped to preserve this land into perpetuity.

The Vandergracht Farm: This 20-acre horse farm produces hay to support its small operation. The property had preliminary subdivision approval before being preserved as a farm; preservation occurred in late 2014. This property brings SJLWT’s preserved acreage in the Woolwich area up to 150 acres, creating a nearly contiguous stretch of preserved farmland in this township.

The Butler-Eastlack Farm: This 47 acre farm was preserved in 2011, and its preservation marked the 1,000th acre of preserved farmland in Gloucester County. The property has been operational since the 1930s. The preservation of this property through Woolwich Township’s Planning Incentive Program contributed to over 150 acres in preserved land in the township, including the Cali and Finocchiaro Farms, all three of which were preserved with SJLWT support.

The Yetneck and DiGregorio Farms: These two properties
(Yetneck 78 acres and DiGregorio 59 acres) are adjacent to one another, and both were preserved in 2011.  These two properties added to 28,000 acres worth of preserved land in Salem County alone; concentrated areas of preserved land compound the value of land preservation, meaning more land will be preserved where land has already been preserved.

Oldman’s Creek Preserve: Located in Auburn, NJ, this 39-acre property features 3,000 feet of stream frontage along Oldman’s Creek. The property was acquired in 2009 and included old-growth forest and a 1790s-era log cabin homestead. The property formerly served as a Boy Scout Camp from 1938-1967, then a family campground from 1967-1982. This property is owned and managed by the South Jersey Land & Water Trust.

The Kammerer Estate: This 35-acre property was deeded to Mantua Township for recreational use and woodland conservation. The property was in the Kammerer family for over 100 years before being preserved in 2008.

The Cali Farm: This property consists of 77 acres that took 2.5 years to preserve, due to multiple family heirs and encountering wetlands on the property. The land was preserved in perpetuity in 2008, thanks to the vision, determination and patience of Sam Cali.

The Finocchiaro Farm: This 26-acre property in Woolwich Township was preserved in 2008 after 7 years of preservation work. The property was viewed by the sellers as “a family farm…an investment in everyone’s future”.

The Daniels Property: Located in South Harrison Township (Gloucester County), this property is one of the few untouched forested parcels of land in the upper Oldman’s Creek watershed. It was preserved in 2008 after seeking matching funds for three years. It was purchased in part by funds from a chemical Superfund site settlement. The 100-acre property features vernal pools, forest wetlands and mixed hardwood forests.

Andaloro Farm: This Deptford Township property of 55 acres remains undeveloped after its preservation. The site offers woodlands, streams, grasslands and wetlands, which serves as important habitat for birds and other wildlife. The property includes 25 acres of wooded stream buffer and 30 acres of fields that would have become a 90-unit housing development, if it hadn’t been preserved.

The Lodge Farm: This property established the first state-owned Wildlife Management Area on Mantua Creek when it was preserved in 2006. It was the first preservation project done collaboratively by the Federation of Gloucester County Watersheds and the South Jersey Land Trust. The 42 acres of this farm include 1,500 feet of stream frontage along Mantua Creek.

Sassi Farm: This 85-acre family farm was finally preserved in 2005, after five years of persistence on behalf of Jim Sassi, whose parents purchased the farm in the 1920s. The preservation of this property started a trend of farmland preservation in Carney’s Point.

Cedar Lake: 114 acres on Cedar Lake in Monroe Township, Gloucester County and Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County, and completion of the Cedar Lake wetlands restoration project;

In addition, the South Jersey Land Trust directly preserved or assisted in the preservation of the following properties:

  • 400 acres of woodlands along the Nacote Creek in Port Republic, Cumberland County;
  • 102 acres of woodlands in Upper Deerfield Township, Cumberland County;
  • 29 acres of open fields and pond in Scullville, Cape May County;
  • 60 acres of farmland and wooded stream corridor on Raccoon Creek in Logan and Woolwich Townships;
  • 325 acres in Hamilton Township, Atlantic County protected by a conservation easement;
  • 0.5 acres in Egg Harbor City, Atlantic County, currently owned by SJLT

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