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Water Conservation

Water is one of South Jersey’s most important natural resources; because of the important role it plays, the South Jersey Land & Water Trust considers watershed education, stream assessments, and waterway protection some of its highest priorities. You can click or tap here  to learn more about watersheds, and to discover some ways you can help protect the waterways of South Jersey. SJLWT conducts regular watershed assessments through vernal pool surveys, macroinvertebrate inventories, monitoring, and community cleanups of bodies of water, including Kirkwood Lake, the Cooper River, Oldmans Creek, and many small streams and tributaries.


SJLWT advocates on behalf of many worthy environmental programs, including the preservation of farmland and open space and the passing of legislative bills designed to help the natural environment.

Most recently, SJLWT has advocated for the approval of a Motorized Access Plan, or MAP, which would reduce damage to unique Pinelands species in Wharton State Forest, caused by off-road vehicles. Off-road vehicles have caused much damage—some irreparable—to the Pinelands in this area, and all the species supported by the Pinelands habitat; click or tap here to learn more details about Wharton’s MAP and our friends at the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.


Habitat Protection

Protecting habitats is another high priority of the South Jersey Land & Water Trust. This is done through ongoing programs, such as community cleanups, swamp pink fence project, and walks in the woods, which educate members about endangered habitats and introduce them to protected species.

South Jersey Land and Water Trust ongoing programs, habitat preservation.

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